Cancer Prevention

Many people think cancer is inevitable, but for some types of cancer, you can take steps to reduce the risk. Healthy lifestyle habits hold the key to cancer prevention. Up to two-thirds of all cancers may be preventable by avoiding tobacco and adopting other healthy lifestyle habits. Regular screenings can help detect many cancers in the earliest stages, when they can be treated successfully.

Ocean View Oncology can help you learn to reduce your cancer risk. Thorough cancer screening examinations include cancer risk assessment, screening exams based on age and gender, as well as personalized risk-reduction strategies. Prevention strategies include genetic testing, chemoprevention, stress management and nutritional counseling.

In October 2014, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) issued its 2014 guide for cancer prevention. The updated Code Against Cancer outlines 12 specific recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, with the goal of cutting cancer cases by half. The 12 recommendations emphasize the importance of (1) avoiding tobacco, (2) avoiding alcohol, (3) avoiding excessive sun exposure, (4) avoiding exposure to radiation from radon, (5) maintaining a healthy body weight, (6) being physically active, (7-9) screening for bowel, breast, and cervical cancers, (10) vaccinating against human papillomavirus, (11) breastfeeding, and (12) limiting hormone replacement therapy.

Our Cancer Prevention Program offers a wide range of screening and early detection services recommendations. To determine which services are best for you, or to schedule an appointment, call 949-218-2800.

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