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We deeply believes in the value of complementary medicine

A combination of the practices of alternative methods and conventional medicine.

Why Choose Us

Hospital Affiliations

Mission Hospital
Hoag Hospital
Saddleback Memorial Medical Center

Services Provided

Cancer screening and prevention

Genetic testing and counseling

Infusion of chemotherapy

Diagnosis and treatment of anemia

Outpatient anticoagulation therapy

Infusion of monoclonal antibodies

Infusion of osteoporosis-fighting agents

Second opinions

Palliative care

Our Experiences

Clinical research

High dose chemotherapy, and stem cell transplantation

Coagulation disorders


Screening, diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases and blood disorders

Gabriel Carabulea, MD

Dr. Carabules

We are committed to providing our patients with any type of cancer or blood disorder with state-of-the-art, personalized treatment. We offer the best current treatment options, including not only the more established treatment such as chemotherapy, but also biologics, angiogenesis inhibitors, and targeted therapies. We have a special interest in prevention, as we believe prevention is the best treatment for cancer.

"A truly effective treatment is not just giving a pill or a shot; it is healing the person- mind and soul- as well as the part of the body that is involved."