Being a Caregiver

Caregivers are typically family members and friends who provide vital and constant physical and emotional care of a person with cancer. This section provides information on defining the role of caregivers and the potential challenges caregivers face.

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Tips On Caregiving

Find helpful tips on how to manage caregiving.

How Caregivers Can Take Care of Themselves

This article provides stress management tips and coping information.

Exploring New Caregiver Options

Learn about other options for helping with caregiving.

Sharing Responsibilities

Learn how to work together as a family to provide care.

Caregiving At The Hospital

Different challenges face those who are helping to provide care for a patient who is in the hospital.

Home Health Care

Learn about the different types of home care, how to find home care, and how to pay for home-care services.

Long Distance Caregiving

Learn ways to become an effective caregiver from a distance.

Online Resources For Caregiving

Find a list of online resources from support organizations for caregivers.

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