D. Morgan Testimonial

D. Morgan

On 10/31/08 I began to have difficulty writing words. I could read them just fine but when I went to write the word "interesting", for example, I would notice that I didn't have enough vowels in the word. I couldn't figure out what vowel was missing and where it should be. I just knew it wasn't right. I thought initially that maybe I was just tired or maybe I needed a new prescription for my glasses. The next day and the day after I had the same problem only it was worse and I was having headaches. These were the symptoms of what turned out to be lung cancer which had metastasized to my brain in the form of 3 separate masses, one the size of a golf ball. On 11/03/08 I was not able to go to work and started down a path of diagnosis and treatment which enabled me to return to work almost 6 months to the day. I had Gamma Knife surgery to kill the 3 brain tumors, the upper lobe of my right lung removed and chemotherapy. Over this 6 month period of time there were a multitude of people who offered prayers and best wishes and many people who were willing, or went out of their way to provide support.

My wife was my chief advocate and support system. She dealt with many things she had not dealt with before and was also having to deal with her own fears, wondering if I would make it the whole time. We arrived on Dr. Carabulea's doorstep very quickly and from the very first visit he had my complete trust. He was frank and willing to take the time to answer questions, sometimes the same question over and over again. Above all, he understood what my wife was going through and was not only concerned about my welfare but hers, as well. In addition to the Doc, there was his team of Gloria and Julie, both who were patient, caring and competent. The first couple of months were the most challenging for my wife and me. Patience and understanding by others was priceless.

My diagnosis and treatment followed rapidly. The Doc took charge and coordinated my overall treatment of surgery, blood work, MRI/CT scans, X-Rays, chemotherapy. He researched and discussed what he felt was best for me. He personally supervised and sometimes administered my chemotherapy in his office. He directed us to Dr. Duma (Brain surgeon) and Dr. Zussman (Lung surgeon) with whom he worked. My wife refers to these 3 as the 3 Angels. From my perspective they truly were and so was my wife. My brain surgery was a little over a week after being diagnosed and my lung surgery just 2 months later with chemotherapy in between and after.

Looking back I was truly fortunate and blessed to be directed to Dr. Carabulea and his team. I still have follow-up scans but am considered cancer free at this time.

Thanks Doc! You are clearly dedicated to your work and your patients. I cannot possibly repay you for what you have done for me but if there is anything I could ever do just ask. Thanks Gloria and Julie!

D. Morgan

F. Martin

"Today, we continue to put all our trust in Dr. Carabulea, a doctor on the cutting edge of his medical field combined with the gentle demeanor of a family physician that is hard to find these days."